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Let's clear the air

Climate change is a fact of the present, and mitigating its effects is the challenge of our lifetime.


Let's clear the air

Climate change is a fact of the present, and mitigating its effects is the challenge of our lifetime.

Of the many parts of the equation, removing CO2 from the atmosphere is critical to slowing down climate change. With the commercial CO2 industry projected to reach $6Tn by 2050, it's ripe for disruption.

Aircapture installs modular Direct Air Capture (DAC) units on our customers' manufacturing sites, creating a direct supply of clean CO2 into their production process.

By commercializing atmospheric CO2, we believe Aircapture’s DAC technology is the most effective, scalable solution to radically improve the environment, the economy and our lives.

Our hyper-local approach de-risks customers’ supply chains and eradicates the carbon footprint of the conventional market. We get you the clean CO2 you need, reliably.

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Aircapture's technology fits into a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications, from beverage manufacturing to greenhouse agriculture and beyond.

Beverage Carbonation

We can produce beverage-grade liquid CO2 with low oxygen content at a wide range of volumes and production schedules to best meet our customers' needs.

Synthetic Fuels

We provide high quality, clean CO2 to replace the emissions-heavy raw material required to manufacture synthetic fuels such as aircraft fuel, gasoline, and diesel.

Greenhouses and Vertical Farming

We can produce CO2 at our customers' growing facility to meet their daily demand cycle and help them increase crop yields.


Our CO2 can be permanently injected into concrete blocks or ready-mix concrete to replace or enhance current curing methods.


Aircapture is conducting multiple engineering studies leveraging waste heat and decarbonized energy to geologically sequester CO2 from the atmosphere.

Dry Ice

Our liquid CO2 can be converted into dry ice for retail, transportation and logistics customers who are shipping perishable goods or use solid CO2 for industrial purposes.

We continue to advance and integrate our CO2 with a wide variety of production processes. In addition to the above applications, CO2 from our DAC units can be used in the manufacturing of plastics & polycarbonates, battery-grade lithium carbonate and graphite, textile dyeing, carbon fiber, mine tail carbonation, and more.

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What does Aircapture’s technology do?
  • Our modular, onsite Direct Air Capture (DAC) units fit directly into the production processes of commercial and industrial manufacturers, at any scale

  • Our units are installed to integrate with each manufacturer’s specifications and the production needs of the local facility

  • The units then draw in ambient air or industrial waste streams from the air on location, collecting and storing CO2 for immediate or longer-term use

What are the advantages of Aircapture’s CO2?
  • More reliable with a ready-to-use, on location supply independent of limited sources of captured CO2

  • Better quality CO2 made for safety and purity

  • Lower cost as compared to conventional sources

  • Cleaner product by cutting out energy-intensive industrial processes from which CO2 is typically derived

  • Substantially reduced emissions so commercial customers can become carbon neutral or negative

What does Aircapture do?

We design and build systems that capture carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere at customer sites where it is sold to those customers in their preferred form (liquid or gas) for various industrial and commercial uses. Carbon dioxide is spread relatively uniformly throughout the Earth’s atmosphere with higher concentrations at lower elevations, so there is a ready supply of it in the great majority of locations around the world.

Who does Aircapture sell to?

Carbon dioxide is used in many applications, including beverage carbonation, food packaging, indoor agriculture, and dry ice, and we aim to serve this multi-billion dollar market. In addition, there are many exciting new conversion technologies being developed that require carbon dioxide as an input for a wide range of chemicals and materials, and our ability to seamlessly fit into production processes positions us well to participate in these market opportunities.

Who are Aircapture’s competitors?

Industrial carbon dioxide has historically been provided by a small number of large, global industrial gas companies who capture it from hydrogen, ethanol, ammonia plants, and petroleum refineries typically owned by these companies or by third parties. These companies liquefy it onsite and then transport it to customers by truck and ship, a process that is subject to a variety of disruptions and produces large amounts of climate-changing emissions.

Why is Aircapture getting into this market?

Carbon dioxide is often a critical input in various industrial processes, but has historically been vulnerable to supply disruptions and price spikes in various locations around the world, worsened by uncontrollable economic and geopolitical factors. By producing carbon dioxide onsite and to the customers’ specifications, we insulate them from these disruptions and enhance reliability. This allows our customers to plan more effectively, and gives them a high degree of locational flexibility for their operations.

What are the environmental advantages to Aircapture’s process?

Our systems capture legacy carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere and avoid the need for transportation, so our process generates far lower emissions than conventional sources. This is better for the planet, and also helps our customers to reduce their onsite and supply chain emissions to move towards being carbon neutral or negative.